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Blast furnace gas dry dedusting system

In 1, an overviewOur company according to the iron and steel industry blast furnace gas process characteristics, as well as the years of bag dust collector equipment characteristics of grasp, combined with domestic and foreign BF gas dry dedusting experience and current situation, to develop with independent intellectual property rights to the blast furnace gas dry dedusting system device, this system with LCDM type low pressure pulse long bag dust removal as the core of. It has high efficiency of dust removal ( emission concentration <5mg/Nm3) safe and reliable operation, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance features, has been in the big, in, small BF gas dry cleaning is widely used, and achieved good results.2, work principleThe dust-laden gas into the pre-collecting chamber, coarse grain dust impacts on the deflector and under the action of gravity to fall into the ash hopper, inertial dust; and having a relatively fine dust in the gas flow into a filter bag filter chamber through the filter bag, filter clean gas passes through the gas purifying chamber, the exhaust duct, the fan, the bag outside spray cleaning dust meridians to fall into the ash hopper or ash bin.3, equipment compositionDust collector consists mainly of a large dust bin, ontology, cloth wind guiding system, filtration system, cleaning system, instrument control system and protection system.In 4, the main characteristics of1) according to the blast furnace gas is flammable, explosive, high pressure, high temperature, highly toxic properties, therefore, bagDust collector tube is completely in accordance with the current state of" steel pressure vessel" ( GB150-1998) andRelated reference standards for design, manufacture and acceptance;,2) configure advanced testing instruments, complete with PLC intelligent control system; routine maintenance simple;3) in the dust remover body structure design is set when the gas discharge device and nitrogen sweeping device, ensure the inspectionRepair of security;4) the equipment has no water, no pollution, low energy consumption, low running cost characteristics, in line with national festivalEnergy conservation and emission reduction of environmental policy, a net gas dust content≤ 5mg/Nm3, while my company efficient blowingTechnology can realize high-efficiency ash in ash cleaning effect, achieve the same premise, reduces the nitrogen content,At the same time extension of service life of filter bag.In 5, the performance guaranteeDust emission concentration to ensure value for5mg/Nm3;The dust remover body leakage rate≤ 0.05%;Dust removal equipment service life of 30years;Filter service life of more than30000 hours;Electromagnetic pulse valve service life of more than5 years.

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