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LFM back-blowing cloth bag dust collector

In 1, an overviewWith the continuous development of industry and expand, the exhaust gas to the atmosphere caused serious pollution and destruction, the state environmental protection requirements are also getting higher and higher. In dealing with the circulating combustion of the flammable, explosive gas. My company with many years of experience in environmental management, developed a novel, can good control of NOX emissions LFM back-blowing cloth bag dust collector.2, work principleLFM back-blowing cloth bag dust collector in the original bag filter based on, the hair dryer, use of tail gas after purification, reverse blow to each filter chamber, the filter bag on the adhesion of dust blowing, falls into the ash hopper, so that the purified containing large amounts of CO tail gas is recycling.3, equipment compositionThe dust collector is mainly composed of a dust remover body system, air deflector system, filtration system, cleaning system, reverse blowing system, instrument control system and protection system.4, technical characteristics1) using the hair dryer will be filtered exhaust gas blow back into each chamber, the exhaust gas by recycling2) effectively solve the original nitrogen cleaning, recycling, generating NOX emissions.3) this kind of sectional reverse blow than mechanical rotary blow-back, has several advantages. Mechanical rotary reverse blow backRotating mechanism is prone to failure, effect of high temperature flue gas dust, at the same time will also affect the slewing mechanismOperation.In 5, the performance guaranteeDust emission concentration to ensure value for30mg/Nm3;Dust collector system running resistance < 1500Pa, running resistance:800-1200Pa;The dust remover body leakage rate≤ 2%;Dust removal equipment service life of 30years;Filter service life of more than30000 hours;Electromagnetic pulse valve service life of more than5 years.6, application fieldIron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industries such as flue gas treatment.