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Whirlwind + filter bag combined dust collector

In 1, an overviewThe combined type dust remover for flue gas containing unburned material design, through the cyclone separator to remove unburned substances, to avoid the unburned substances into the bag after the area in the ash produced under the action of two combustion, leading to bag damage. Such as biomass power plant boiler flue gas will usually have the unburnt straw or not complete combustion produces carbon black, these substances in the bag filter cleaning when compressed oxygen in the air, is bound to a stirring among the dry bones, and flue gas into the bag filter with cyclone before will unburnt straw, carbon black removal.2, work principleDust collector adopts split design, also can adopt the integrated design. Containing flue dust into the cyclone separator after side along the inner wall of rotary side down, due to the conical department after the rotation radius decreases, according to the law of conservation of momentum, rotation speed of air flow increases gradually, the particles are subjected to greater centrifugal force. Due to the centrifugal force produced by gravity separation speed than the settlement speed of several hundred or even thousands of times, the fine powder from the rotating flow separation, cyclone separator wall along the whereabouts and separated. The flow to the tapered portion near lower began to reverse, at the center portion to rotate and rise gradually, finally from the trachea or discharge. After the cyclone pre dust after the flue gas into the bag filter to achieve further filtration and dust removal, the purified flue gas is discharged through the chimney draught fan.3, equipment compositionDust collector cyclone separator, mainly by body system, air deflector system, filtration system, cleaning system, instrument control system and protection system.In 4, the main characteristics of1), the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 60-80%, can effectively separate unburned soot particles;2), and has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance;3), which can effectively avoid the coarse grain dust on the filter bag scour;4), the cyclone separator with network, good wear resistance;5), low energy consumption, low operation and maintenance cost.In 5, the performance guaranteeDust emission concentration to ensure value for30mg/Nm3;Dust collector system running resistance < 2200Pa, running resistance:1600-2000Pa;The dust remover body leakage rate≤ 2%;Dust removal equipment service life of 30years;Filter service life of more than30000 hours;Electromagnetic pulse valve service life of more than5 years.6, application field