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Selective non catalytic reduction denitration proc

1, work principleSelective non catalytic reduction denitration process ( SNCR ) is a reducing agent containing NHx medium ( such as ammonia, ammonia or urea ) is sprayed into a furnace chamber temperature is 900 ℃ -1100 ℃area, reducing agent by mounting the screen type superheater region of the spray gun to spray into the reducing agent, rapid thermal decomposition into NH3and other side product, then NH3 and NOx in flue gas by SNCR reaction to generate N2and H2O.In 2, the reaction process1), NH3 as the reducing agent:4NO+4NH3+O2- >4N2+6H2O2NO+4NH3+2O2- >3N2+6H2O6NO2+8NH3- >7N2+12H2O2), urea as a reducing agent:CO ( NH2)2+2NO→ 2N2+CO2+2H2OCO ( NH2)2+ H2O - >2NH3+CO24NO+4NH3+O2- >4N2+6H2O2NO+4NH3+2O2- >3N2+6H2O6NO2+8NH3- >7N2+12H2O3, system compositionDenitration system is mainly composed of a reducing agent storage and preparation, transporting, metering, injection system and electric control system etc..4, process flowReducing agent - > boiler / furnace ( reactor ) - > dust removal and desulfurization device - > - > chimney draught fanReducing agent generally give priority to with urea, urea is dissolved preparation concentration of50% urea solution, via a delivery pumpSent to the metering allocation module, and the module of dilution water to send back a mixture of water, urea solution is diluted to 10%,Through the metering device accurately assigned to each gun, and then through the spray gun sprayed into furnace, realizes the denitrationReaction.5, technical characteristicsDenitration efficiency can reach above 40%Ammonia escape rate of less than 5ppmThe system is simple, investment provinceNo catalyst, operation costSmall area6, application fieldCoal fired power boiler, heat and power cogeneration boiler, central heating boiler, incinerator, sinter, pellet furnace, coking furnace, glass furnace flue gas denitration.