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Selective catalytic reduction denitration process

1, work principleSelective catalyst reduction ( Selective Catalytic Reduction ) SCR, refers to a certain temperature and under the action of catalyst, with ammonia or urea as a reducing agent, selectively and nitrogen oxide in flue gas reaction and generating no pollution of nitrogen and water. The technology can be used in liquid ammonia or urea for denitration reducing agent.SCR denitration process using catalyst nitrogen oxide reduction, low reaction temperature (300~ 450 ℃). The method of reducing agent is sprayed into a catalyst within the reactor, the flue gas passes through the catalyst and the chemical reaction denitration. This process of denitration efficiency can reach above 90%, domestic and international power plant is most widely used, the most mature technology for flue gas denitration technology.In 2, the reaction process1), the main reactionNO+NO2+2NH3- >2N2+3H2O4NO+4NH3+O2- >4N2+6H2O2NO2+4NH3+O2- >3N2+6H2O2), side reaction2SO2+O2- >2SO33, system compositionDenitration system consists of flue gas system, denitration reactor, reducing agent preparation system, electric control system etc..4, process flow1), coal-fired boiler flue gas denitration in boiler economizer: - > - > denitration reactor - > air pre heater - > dustDesulfurization device - > - > chimney draught fan2), industrial furnace flue gas denitration: furnace waste heat boiler front - > - > denitration reactor - > waste heat boilerLater - > dust removal and desulfurization device - > - > chimney draught fanDenitration reactor is usually set in the boiler economizer and the air preheater. Denitration reactor entrance andBoiler economizer exit through the flue is connected, export and air preheater through flues, flue gas byTop to bottom vertically through the denitration reactor catalyst layer.5, technical indicatorsThe denitration efficiency of≥ 85%Ammonia escape rate≤ 3ppmSO2/SO3 conversion rate ≤ 1%System resistance ≤ 1000PaCatalyst life≥ 16000hThe service life of the device:30 years6, application fieldCoal fired power boiler, heat and power cogeneration boiler, central heating boiler, incinerator, sinter, pellet furnace, coking furnace, glass furnace flue gas denitration.