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Large closed calcium carbide furnace exhaust gas p

In 1, an overviewAccording to my company in the chemical industry production process and the carbide furnace flue gas characteristics, give full consideration to the inflammable, explosive, targeted developed with independent intellectual property rights of large-scale closed calcium carbide furnace exhaust gas purification device, at the same time according to the specific features of gas and process requirements, design the corresponding exhaust gas purification equipment, to meet various customer demand.2, work principleCalcium carbide furnace and other industrial facilities in flammable and explosive gas, after my company exclusive production of water cooling tube, buffer and tar settler, cyclone coolers and other equipment, fully cooling and processing, into the reverse blowing bag type dust collector filter processing, processing after the net gas is sent to each user. The whole device adopts strict sealing, to ensure the stability and safety of the.3, equipment compositionDust collector is mainly composed of a water cooling system, cooling system, buffer system, cyclone dust removal system, wind machine, unloading, conveying system, cleaning system, instrument control system and nitrogen system.In 4, the main characteristics of,1) the high standards of design, safety and reliability," three a" principle to ensure the dust removal system to the host with the long term stable operation;2) the special structural design coupled with strict filtering material and parts selection, can meet the very strict requirements of environmental protection, dust emission concentration can ensure that less than 10mg/Nm3;3) the system configuration, a large amount of dust collector of surplus;4) adapt to and prevent sudden high temperature furnace gas ability5) compartment pulse cleaning technology, to ensure the best cleaning intensity and effect;6) the timing or resistance cleaning mode of programmable control system ( PLC );7) automatic control system of flue gas temperature and perfect, to ensure that the filter bag is not burned;8) long life design, main equipment according to a service life of more than 20 years of design and manufacturingIn 5, the performance guaranteeDust emission concentration to ensure value for30mg/Nm3;Dust collector system running resistance < 1500Pa, running resistance:800-1200Pa;The dust remover body leakage rate≤ 0.05%;Dust removal equipment service life of 30years;Filter service life of more than30000 hours;Electromagnetic pulse valve service life of more than5 years.6, application fieldChemical flue gas treatment.