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Bag dust collector

In 1, an overviewMy company according to metallurgy, building materials, cement, chemical industry production technology and flue gas characteristics, specifically the development with independent intellectual property rights to the practical, efficient type bag dust collector. And according to the different features of gas industry to develop a variety of types of cloth bag dust remover, mainly including: LFGM air box pulse bag type dust remover, LCDM low pressure pulse long bag dust collector, LDMC pulse single bag dust collector, LFEF (Ⅳ) kiln glass fibre bag dust collector, XDC new kiln, big bag dust collector LFX (Ⅱ) pulse bag dust collector, PMD pulse blowing bag dust collector and other single.2, work principleBag type dust collector using porous bag filter element from the dust containing gas trapping dust dust removing equipment. The main filtering device and cleaning device of two parts. The former is the role of collecting dust, the latter used to keep out dust on the filtering bag, keep the dust collector processing ability. Usually is also provided with a control device, conveying device and the unloading device.In 3, the main characteristics of1) in various types of dust removal equipment, bag filter dust removal effect is best. In fine particle control,Bag type dust collector plays an irreplaceable role.2) strong applicability, the various properties of the dust has good dust removal effect,3) various specifications, flexible application. Single filter minimum volume of less than 200M3/h, Max5000000M3/h.4) facilitates the recovery of dry material, no sludge treatment, wastewater pollution and corrosion problems;5) with the selected filter material, the gas temperature adaptation from room temperature to 800~1000 ℃Wide temperature range;6) in the metallurgical, power, energy, chemical and other fields, dust bag is not only environmental protection equipment, it isProduction equipment, for the collection of finished or semi-finished products. Some have become an indispensable part in the production process;7) in the collection of adhesive strength and moisture absorption of dust, or treatment of flue gas dew point is very high, filter bag easy blockedPlug, require insulation or heating and preventive measures.In 4, the performance guaranteeDust emission concentration to ensure value for30mg/Nm3;Dust collector system running resistance < 1500Pa, running resistance:800-1200Pa;The dust remover body leakage rate≤ 2%;Dust removal equipment service life of 30years;Filter service life of more than30000 hours;Electromagnetic pulse valve service life of more than5 years.5, application fieldWidely used in iron and steel, cement, chemical industry, building materials, non-ferrous metallurgical industries of flue gas treatment.