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Company profile

Anhui WeiDa environmental protection technology Co., LTD is specialized is engaged in the bag filter production enterprises.Registered capital of 10 million yuan.Production base covers an area of 40000 m2, the annual production capacity of two hundred million yuan of above.The business scope includes field investigation, technical consultation, design, production, installation, debugging and after-sales service, can omni-directional meets the customer requirements.The company has and tianjin cement industry design institute, nanjing cement industrial design institute and a number of the scientific research to establish a good relationship of cooperation, and constantly digest absorb related industry and XiaoYanChuChen about the new technology of the new technology, so that the company's products is always in the domestic advanced level and leading level.
The company in high temperature fume accumulated abundant theoretical knowledge and practical experience, in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, steel industry etc many of the enterprise fume success in work.Company products throughout the country and exported to Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria, Angola, Senegal and other countries, the quality is stable and reliable, obtain users praise.Excellent technical innovation environment, garden style production factories, from users use field investigation, technical consultation, process design, manufacture, installation and debugging to after-sales service, can omni-directional meets the customer requirements.
The company independent development of series filter: 1, LFGM gas box pulse bag filter 2, LCDM long bag and low pressure pulse bag filter, all through the provincial product identification and national product recognized, and for the Chinese environmental protection industry association is recognized as national key environmental protection practical technology.
The company consists of all kinds of bag filter eight series, more than 100 varieties.All kinds of products high starting point, high technical content, well made, considerate service.Company products have been sold all over China, and every year since 2003 are exported to Vietnam, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Nigeria, Senegal and other countries, deeply domestic and foreign customers.