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German experts to Urumqi" and" atmospheric pollution

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In" blue sky project" for the implementation of8 years showed no apparent effect, citizens on air pollution control are growing at Urumqi city hall, Xinjiang recently invited German energy and environmental protection experts, for the seat away from the ocean city serious atmospheric pollution "pulse".

Urumqi City Hall said, the government hopes to use the foreign experts in the" third eye", through Chinese and Western comparison, analysis of Urumqi atmospheric pollution reason as soon as possible, a prescription, also people blue.

In the recently held in Urumqi city in city building energy saving on high-level seminar, University of Heidelberg energy research institute director Frank said, the winter heating too much and building energy consumption is high in Urumqi city is the main reasons of air pollution.

Urumqi city's current energy structure is dominated by coal, the annual consumption of coal of nearly 10 million tons, average per capita consumption of coal is about 3.96 tons, is China's per capita consumption of coal by nearly 4 times, annual raw coal in the disposable energy consumption share of up to 67%.

" Especially for winter consumption proportion of coal Urumqi City annual coal consumption of2/3, the impact of environmental pollution greatly, become one of the main causes of air pollution in Urumqi." Urumqi Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said Zhang Chen.

At the same time, Urumqi is not very ideal of building energy saving engineering. As of 2006November, Urumqi building energy saving building of 16000000 square meters, in the city's construction and the proportion is still small.

In 2006,5 of Urumqi heavy pollution days up to 25days, is the last 3 years the number of days a year of severe pollution. Since this year, Urumqi in the first 24 days, only 1days with good air quality, the rest are all pollution weather, of which 5severe pollution for up to 7 days.

University of Heidelberg energy research institute director Frank suggests, substantially reducing building energy consumption, energy saving way to reduce energy consumption, using renewable energy to replace the remaining energy consumption is to manage the Urumqi City Winter Atmospheric pollution is the most effective way.

Chinese and German experts think,40 km away from Urumqi city of Dabancheng area has abundant renewable energy resources, Urumqi City, the full development and utilization of this resource, used to change the energy structure in a city, pollution reduction.

According to introducing, Chinese and German experts on air pollution in Urumqi the consultation opinion, will be submitted to the local government, and as an important reference for controlling atmospheric pollution. (HAES for )

January 25, 2007 source: xinhuanet.com


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